Information about school applications


Statement Regarding Church Attendance for Church School Places 

Updated 6th October, 2020

St. John’s is aware that many parents/carers and families attend Sunday services in order to qualify for a place for their child or children in a Church/faith-based school.  We welcome all children and families in all their diversity, as part of our Church family.  The presence of children and young people in our services enriches us all and you are valued members of our community.  That said, we recognize the difficulties and challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.   We fully understand that not everyone may be able to fulfil the attendance requirements schools require, as some parents/carers and children may be sheltering or shielding other vulnerable family members.  With that in mind, St. John’s will continue to keep its Attendance Registers for those who are coming to Church, but that we will not require anyone to come to Church if they or someone in their family/ household are vulnerable. 

If you are new to the process and just beginning the two year period attending services, we ask that you:

  • Complete an application to join our Congregational List (email for a form to complete) as a way of establishing your commitment and connection to St. John’s.

  • Join our weekly Parish Mailing (email to join) to keep in touch with what is happening at St.John’s.

  • To resume attending at least two Sunday services a month once the Government and Health authorities have said it is safe to do so.

If you have been coming to Church and cannot attend due to health concerns or are unable to book a space, please inform us that this is why you aren’t attending and join us when the Government and Health authorities have said it is safe to do so.

Following the policy laid out above, we will count time missed as part of the two years attendance just as we did during lockdown when all churches were physically closed.  St. John’s does not want to put anyone at risk and feel strongly that those decisions should rest with parents/carers to do what is best in their circumstances. 

                                                                     All the best,

                                                                     Fr. Michael Roper