News at St John's

St. John's has re-opened for public worship! 

The Churchwardens, Ministry Team, and I have been working out our plan to re-open as safely as possible.  In accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines from the Church of England and within the Government's extensive advice, we have designed a service and format that will enable our congregation to gather to worship and celebrate Holy Communion in person once again.  

Due to Contact Tracing procedures and social distancing, admission is by booking a place, as we are limited to a total of 18 "Bubbles" (households/ individuals) per service.  Our booking facility is by the link below.  4 spaces have been reserved for those not on email.  Our previous survey has shown that there is little interest in an additional service at a later time, but we will have to revisit this as one service is not enough to meet our needs.  

The current guidelines do not permit singing, but we will have Barry playing the organ for us at the beginning and end of the service from the 23rd.  The service will also be live streamed for those at home and videos made available online for those who want to watch later.

Please follow the link below to book for this Sunday 13th September.  You only need to book one person per family/bubble on the system.

In addition, please email to be added to our contact list.

Live streaming of services

St John's will be live streaming Sunday Eucharist on 23rd August 2020. The service will be attended with COVID regulations and guidelines followed. This streaming provides an opportunity for those at risk, in quarantine, or unable to attend in person, a chance to share in our Eucharist.

Please follow the link below at 9:45 when the service starts:

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting has been postponed until October. Understandably we haven’t been able to plan this as effectively as we would like, given that so much is sorted out in person. All of what we do depends on volunteers and those willing to give of their time to do all the jobs, both big and small, that keep us ticking over. Many hands make light work and there are opportunities to help St. John’s if you are able. We will need three new members of the PCC to take things forward, as well as three representatives on Deanery Synod. Both are crucial for shaping the life of the Church. PCC meets monthly (and is a jolly time to be honest, full of laughter and a sense of purpose) and Synod three times a year. This is a critical time for St. John’s and for the deanery, so please do think about what you might offer in the way of support. You can speak to me or any member of the PCC for further details if you wish.

Everyone has something to offer and everyone has the possibility of making a difference. St. John’s needs you to help us make this transition as we navigate the uncertainty of the future. We have been here for over a thousand years, let us do all that we can to keep bringing hope and light in this special place to a wounded and frightened world that needs it as much as ever.

With every blessing, Michael