St John's is now closed

In light of Kingston Borough's "Stay at Home" order and the unprecedented level of rising Covid-19 infections in our community, St. John's has had to cancel all services and close its doors again.  Gathering indoors is too great a risk at this time.  We will await guidance from the Government and the Archbishops, but must remain closed until it is safe to reopen.  

Anyone needing to get in contact with the Vicar, please ring 0208 337 8830 or email

Live Streaming services have resumed at St. John's. 
Bookmark our Youtube Channel and catch us live!

St John's Virtual Coffee Morning from the comfort of your own armchair, this Sunday at 11am via Zoom. See you there.
Meeting ID: 850 3291 8410
Password: 413247





Anne Beales 07816221076


St John’s continues to support our local foodbank during these difficult times:


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Please let me know if you would like to join us and which group works for you!  Thank you!


Support St. John’s Bereavement Café with the help of the Co-Op

St. John’s Bereavement Café aims to help people in the local community through some of the most difficult moments in their lives. The Co-Op has kindly agreed to help financially support this important initiative for one year by making the Café one of its local causes.

You can help in this effort by becoming a Co-Op Member for £1 at the local shop, or more conveniently on-line.  You will receive a membership card and have the opportunity to nominate the Bereavement Café as your local cause. Then, when you shop at any Co-Op store with your card, or on-line as a member, the Co-Op will pay 2p in every £1 of your purchases to the St. John’s Bereavement Café.

The more people who use this card, the more money will be raised for this very good cause. But remember, this opportunity only lasts for one year, so get started now by visiting the Co-op website

We are still in the planning stage looking for volunteers to help with refreshments and anyone who would also like to take part in the training provided by our sponsor the Princess Alice Hospice.  Until we are up and running, support is available from me or any member of the Ministry Team for anyone who has lost a loved one.  If you might be interested in taking part, please speak to Michael.  Thank you!