Sunday Services

St. John's has re-opened for public worship! 

The Churchwardens, Ministry Team, and I have been working out our plan to re-open as safely as possible.  In accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines from the Church of England and within the Government's extensive advice, we have designed a service and format that will enable our congregation to gather to worship and celebrate Holy Communion in person once again.  

As we are taking part in the Government's "Track and Trace" initiative, places have to be booked.  Our booking facility is by the link below.  We are limited to a total of 18 "Bubbles" (households/ individuals) per service.  4 spaces have been reserved for those not on email.  Our previous survey has shown that there is little interest in an additional service at a later time, but we will have to revisit this as one service is not enough to meet our needs.  

The current guidelines do not permit singing, but we will have Barry playing the organ for us at the beginning and end of the service from the 23rd August.  The service will also be live streamed for those at home and videos made available online for those who want to watch later.

Please follow the link below to book for this Sunday 13th September.  You only need to book one person per family/bubble on the system.

In addition, please email to be added to our contact list.

Live streaming of services

St John's is now live streaming the Sunday Eucharist.  Services are attended, with COVID regulations and guidelines followed. This streaming provides an opportunity for those at risk, in quarantine, or unable to attend in person, a chance to share in our Eucharist.

Please follow the link below at 9:45 when the service starts:


Once normal services resume ...

Much of our worship focuses on the Eucharist or Holy Communion, where we receive bread and wine to remember God’s love for us and to receive God’s grace.

Sunday Services

8.00am  Said Eucharist      A quieter service of Holy Communion

9.45am  Sung Eucharist    Holy Communion with music and Children’s Ministry

Second Sunday of each month

11.30am Thirty Minutes    This is a boisterous and noisy service for pre-school children and their parents or carers.

We have occasional evening services including Evensong according to the Book of Common Prayer.

Weekday Services

Tuesday to Thursday

8.45am  Morning Prayer        

First Tuesday of each month

10.00am   Holy Communion    

Ministry for Wholeness   

Anointing with laying on of hands is available at the 9.45 service
on the third Sunday of each month.

Julian Group

The Julian Meetings is a national organisation of local groups dedicated to the practice of contemplative prayer, inspired by the example and writings of the medieval mystic Julian of Norwich (c.1342-c.1416).If this sounds like something only for those with a first-class degree in holiness, be assured it is nothing of the kind. Silent prayer is for everyone, and perhaps especially those who find prayer difficult.

Our Meeting has been established for many years, but since 2015 has been meeting monthly in church, usually in the Lady Chapel. We start by lighting a candle to remind us that Jesus is always among those who come together in his name. There is a brief introduction from the leader and then we sit in silence for 30 minutes. Many thoughts may come into our minds, not always holy or welcome; we simply acknowledge them and let them go. In the peace, we note the sounds around us, nearby and far away, the sounds of our own bodies – our breathing. We simply spend time with God. At the end, we say the Grace, and then enjoy a brief time of fellowship and refreshment in the coffee lounge.

The St John’s Julian Meeting is not currently able to meet physically. However, we are now “meeting”  every Monday evening (instead of our usual monthly meeting) by sitting down in our homes at 8pm (with a lighted candle, if safe) for 30 minutes of silent prayer “together-apart”. All are welcome to “join” us.

We warmly welcome new members, or anyone just wanting to see what a Julian Meeting is like.

For information, please contact:

Chris Benson      020 8224 3985         

Alice Child           020 8942 9050         

For more information on the Julian Meetings, see