Sunday Services

St. John's worship during latest lockdown 

St. John's is now closed in line with Government guidelines and the Law.  Sunday services will continue to be live-streamed on Sundays at 9:45am and videos will be available for "catch up" viewing on St John's YouTube Channel

All meetings/groups will take place via Zoom or Google.  The Church will remain closed to all other actvities until further notice. 

In the meantime, the Ministry Team and Parish Administrator are available to be contacted on the links below. 

The Ministry Team

The Revd Fr Michael Roper 020 8337 8830  
The Revd Milly Broome 020 8337 1572  
Assistant Priest
Marilyn Burkett 020 8337 6017  
Reader & Choir Director
Anthony Pullen 020 8949 6784  
Pastoral Assistant
Amy Chan    
Parish Administrator  

Julian Group

The Julian Meetings is a national organisation of local groups dedicated to the practice of contemplative prayer, inspired by the example and writings of the medieval mystic Julian of Norwich (c.1342-c.1416).If this sounds like something only for those with a first-class degree in holiness, be assured it is nothing of the kind. Silent prayer is for everyone, and perhaps especially those who find prayer difficult.

Our Meeting has been established for many years, but since 2015 has been meeting monthly in church, usually in the Lady Chapel. We start by lighting a candle to remind us that Jesus is always among those who come together in his name. There is a brief introduction from the leader and then we sit in silence for 30 minutes. Many thoughts may come into our minds, not always holy or welcome; we simply acknowledge them and let them go. In the peace, we note the sounds around us, nearby and far away, the sounds of our own bodies – our breathing. We simply spend time with God. At the end, we say the Grace, and then enjoy a brief time of fellowship and refreshment in the coffee lounge.

The St John’s Julian Meeting is not currently able to meet physically. However, we are now “meeting”  every Monday evening (instead of our usual monthly meeting) by sitting down in our homes at 8pm (with a lighted candle, if safe) for 30 minutes of silent prayer “together-apart”. All are welcome to “join” us.

We warmly welcome new members, or anyone just wanting to see what a Julian Meeting is like.

For information, please contact:

Chris Benson      020 8224 3985         

Alice Child           020 8942 9050         

For more information on the Julian Meetings, see