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The Churchwardens and I met this week to discuss reopening St. John's.  At Christmas the potential impact of the Omicron variant was not clear and the Parish has seen very high levels of Covid infection across the board since.  Cases do appear to be milder and most of us have been vaccinated.   We are aiming to reopen on the 23rd January provided all indications are that it is safe to do so and that Omicron hsn't overwhelmed our local hospitals.  As we have seen elsewhere in the UK, hospitals are postponing operations due to a lack of beds and we do not want to exacerbate that issue locally.  So keep your fingers crossed and we will know more late next week with a bit of luck. 

It goes without saying that NO ONE is required to attend Church when we reopen, even if you are on a rota!  We are adults and can make our own decisions about the risks we take.  We leave that to you to decide for yourself.  The school registers are suspended until we are confident it is safe to expect people in Church on Sundays.

Coffee after the 9.45am service will be available to pick up in the Coffee Lounge and take OUTSIDE to enjoy on the patio or churchyard. Please maintain social distancing to avoid sharing Covid. 

This Sunday is the last Sunday refreshments will be served after the service until further notice.

Thank you.