Keeping in touch

It is very important for us to stay in touch whilst Covid-19 continues to dominate our lives.  It cannot be said often enough to keep physical distance, especially outside our homes, and to keep washing our hands!  The Ministry Team and I will be regularly contacting people especially thought to be vulnerable.  

I want to ask you all to seriously consider keeping in touch with us through Facebook and by phone or email.  If you fall ill and are alone or the whole house is ill, contact us straightaway and we will do all that we can to help you.  In this time of isolation we can share news, check in with one another, and cheer one another up via our St John's People private Facebook group.  The Communication Team will try to keep the website updated with news. 

       St John's People Private Facebook Group - click HERE

      The Revd Fr Michael Roper: Telephone: 020 8337 8830  or  


You can also keep in touch via our weekly parish mailing. If you wish to receive the mailing, please email the Parish Administrator at