The Ukrainian national flag flies from the Tower of St. John’s as a symbol of our solidarity with the peoples of Ukraine.  We stand together with all people who strive for freedom and democracy, supporting the right of nations to self-determination in their choice of government and the celebration of their own cultures, faiths, and beliefs. 

This gesture is not intended to alienate or condemn the Russian people, many of whom live in this our community.  We embrace all who work for peace in our troubled world. 

We stand opposed to the invasion of Ukraine and the devastation inflicted by the Russian government and the troops acting under Vladimir Putin’s direction, calling for an immediate end to hostilities and a coming together of the international community to resolve this crisis.

Members of St. John’s will continue to pray for peace and support all those affected by this conflict, as we long for the Kingdom of God to be built among us where all are equal, free, and loved.  All are welcome here!

Fr. Michael Roper