We hope that you will find here a place where you can discover that God loves you; a place where you can allow God to draw close to you.

St John’s is the Church of England Parish Church for this Parish.

Our Parish reaches roughly from the Avenue and Green Lane to the A3. Everyone who lives in that area is a Parishioner of St John’s, and we are here to serve all those people in the name of Christ.

At any service at St John’s you will meet local people.

Look around and you might find your neighbours, or people you have seen out and about. You will meet people of different ages and backgrounds. Some will have worshipped here for just a few weeks; some will have been here for much longer.

Not one of us is perfect - St John’s isn’t a Church for perfect people – but all of us are discovering what it means to be loved by God

Take your time and join in to the extent that you feel comfortable.Picture of doors into St John's

St John's Ministry Team