Interregnum arrangements

Following the retirement of Revd Kevin Scott, St John the Baptist is in interregnum until a new parish priest is appointed.

We look for the support and the understanding of the regular members of the congregation and the wider parish 'family' at this time of change. Please pray for us and for the Churchwardens and the Parochial Church Council of St John’s as we work towards the appointment of a successor.

Services will continue as normal during the interregnum, and all enquiries should continue to be sent to Amy Chan, the Parish Administrator, as appropriate.

The search for our new parish priest is in process, with the support of the Diocese of Southwark, and Merton College,   

Our Parish Profile has been provided to aid our search, and the Diocese of Southwark website contains details of our vacancy. .

Tatiana Hagan and Lynn Sanger, Churchwardens