Statement in Light of the Prime Minister’s Announcement

 I have taken the decision, in consultation with the PCC, to carry on as we are at St. John’s rather than discard our procedures and precautions just yet.  In light of the Prime Minister’s announcement we could return to our normal pattern of worship without social distancing and with singing, most likely from Sunday 25th July.  Although those who have received both jabs are now considered to be very unlikely to fall seriously ill with Covid-19, many younger people have yet to receive their jabs.  The risk of Long Covid for younger people is a very real threat, as is serious illness and death for those over 50 who have not had any vaccinations.  The vast majority of fatalities at this time is in this category.
My intention is to reopen on 5th September with a return to the normal pattern of worship (Sundays 8:00am and 9:45am) with the 4:00pm service ending.  Instead afternoons on Sunday will be available for a monthly Messy Church activity and service, as well as a monthly Parish Evening Worship service.  Wednesday’s mid-day Communion service is now a permanent fixture, providing a safer alternative in the middle of the working/ school day for those who wish to minimise their contact with others but still attending Church.  Questions regarding masks and social distancing have yet to be fully answered, but in time things will be clearer and we can make an informed decision.
None of the decisions concerning our response to Covid-19 have been taken lightly, least of all this one.  I am well-aware that the lockdown has decimated our worship and mission with less than half of our membership engaging with worship or outreach.  Financially the Parish has been sustained by generous giving from many of you, but we are still unable to meet our financial obligations and are burning through our reserves at an alarming rate.  We stand on the threshold of the future for St. John’s.  Lockdown may mark the beginning of decline from which we may not recover, or we may rebound and build on what was before.  It will not be easy, but we can do it if we all work together and do our bit.  So my word for you now is to hang on and hold tight just a little bit longer!


St. John's is open for public worship.  Below are the Eventbrite links to book your bubble for our Sunday services as well as Wednesday mid-day Holy Communion. 

Please only book ONE bubble per household!

9:45am Sunday Morning

4:00pm Sunday - The Late Service

12pm Wednesday - The Midweek Service


Live Streaming services have resumed at St John's.

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