Season of Creation

Season of Creation

Over five Sundays we are thinking about the wonder of

God's Creation and our responsibilities towards it.



   1st September 2019

     Loving Creator God,

     we give you thanks

     that you give clouds and rain,

     springs and rivers, lakes and oceans

     to water your world,

     bringing life, refreshment,

                      cleansing and fruitfulness.

8th September 2019 

     Loving Creator God,

     we give you thanks

     for the fertility of the soil to feed us and

     give us the blessings of fields

     and the delight of trees,

     fruits and flowers.


15th September 2019   


                 Loving Creator God         

                 we give you thanks

                 for giving us sources of energy

                 for warmth, light and power,

                 for the technology to transform

                 and enrich our lives.                                                                             





22nd September 2019

                 Loving Creator God,

                 we give you thanks

                 for the boundless, teeming, diversity

                 of the natural world,

                 millions of species,

                 each one formed for its purpose,

                                                                      to our delight and wonder,

                                                                      each in its own way

                                                                      giving glory to you, their Maker.                               

29th September 2019


                Loving Creator God,

                we give you thanks

                for the harvest of land and sea

                and the work of those who bring it to us

                providing us with enough

                to satisfy our need

                though not our greed.